No-Code Energy Analytics Tool for Navigation Measurement and Verification of Energy Efficiency Projects


About VerifAI

VerifAI aims to digitize Energy Performance Projects and Contracting by developing an MLOps-Based M&V Platform with advanced real-time Data Analytics capabilities. VerifAI platform empowers ESCOs, EPC Project Owners, and M&V Institutions to enhance energy efficiency and streamline project management financing. Through the utilization of Machine Learning-based predictive models, we transform Measurement and Verification applications, making them more efficient and accurate.

The project will provide:


  • Enhance project quality by incorporating real-time tracking through digitized Measurement and Verification applications, supported by machine learning-based predictive models. 
  • Foster trust and traceability among EPC Partners by offering a comprehensive solution that leverages advanced technology to enable real-time tracking and digitization of Measurement and Verification processes. 
  • Empower projects with increased quality and transparency while building trust among EPC Partners by providing a platform that combines ML-based predictive models and digitized Measurement and Verification applications. 
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Technical Objectives

Non-Technical Objectives

Establish a Data Hub Architecture

Developing a Data Hub architecture that seamlessly integrates diverse energy-related data into the VerifAI platform enables IoT and Cloud Gateways, as well as providing an API for simplified access and utilization of the integrated data.

Develop an Energy Analytics Editor

Leverage cutting-edge OtoML (Automated Machine Learning) to create the Energy Analytics Editor, a robust tool designed for establishing reference consumptions, enabling accurate analysis, and fostering comparisons of energy performance, to drive efficient energy usage and promote sustainability.

Develop a Measurement & Navigation & Verification Platform

Adhering to globally accepted IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) and ISO 50015 standarts, aiming to create a platform that delivers a comprehensive solution for Measurement, Navigation, and Verification processes, guaranteeing compliance, precision, and consistency throughout the project lifecycle.

Demonstrate project outputs at three different pilot sites

Demonstrating the versatility and effectiveness of the VerifAI platform through extensive real-world tests at three diverse pilot sites, validating the platform's performance, reliability, and adaptability across various energy performance projects, thereby providing tangible proof of the value and impact VerifAI can deliver. 

Foster community engagement and support 


Cultivate an engaged community focused on the VerifAI project, encouraging knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation among stakeholders. 

Measuring, assessing, and analyzing impact

Conduct comprehensive evaluations to measure and analyze the project's outcomes, benefits, and areas for improvement, enabling informed decision-making and continuous enhancement.

Revolutionizing  Energy Performance Projects and Market

Implement targeted marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, and sustainable business models to drive widespread adoption, maximize reach, and ensure long-term success.

REENGEN  is  the  developer  of  the  AI  &IoT  Platform  to  employ machine  learning  algorithms  and  big  data  analytics  in  order  to  provide  energy  saving, operational  efficiency,  energy  optimization  and  predictive  analytics  for  its  stakeholders. Reengen's Energy Intelligence Platform enables building operators with real time monitoring, visualization and analytics tools for better managing their assets, reducing operational costs and    increasing    energy    efficiency,    providing    actionable    intelligence    and    continuous optimization.

IONSE is an SME energy efficiency consulting that offers services, products   and   advanced   solutions   for   the   implementation   of   energy   and   environmental management  systems,  renewable  energy  systems  and  electric  chargers  and  systems  for mobility in Spain.  A high knowledge in energy efficiency, projects and real facilities allows us to  obtain  the  maximum  energy  efficiency  in  every  type  of  installation  whether  industrial, residential or commercial buildings, trough EPC and PPA contracts order to reduce the energy consumption  and  CO2  emissions.  IONSE  has  technicians  certified  in  Measurement  and Verification protocol (CMVP) and in Energy Manager (CEM) by AEE.

Enve   Energy   is   an   Energy   Efficiency   Consulting   and   ESCO company  authorized  by  the  Ministry  of  Energy  and  Natural  Resources  (MENR),  providing various  services  in  the  fields  of  Consultancy,  Survey  and  Project  Design,  Performance Guaranteed  System  Solutions  for  Industry,  Commercial  Buildings  and  Energy  Production Facilities. Enve Energy also provides Measurement and Verification service, which covers the process of collecting, analyzing and reporting the necessary data to verify the savings in the process  after  the  implementation  of  energy  efficiency  measures.  Enve  Energy  has  experts certified in Measurement and Verification protocol (CMVP) and in Energy Manager (CEM) by AEE  and  MENR.  Enve  Enerji  Commissioning  Process  Management  Professional  (ASHRAE CPMP) certified experts.
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burak sefer
IONSE_Abel Bascunana_Project Coordinator

Burak Sefer

Project Coordinator


Doğukan Aycı

Technical Manager


Esen Kunt

Administrative Manager


Abel Bascunana

Project Coordinator


ENVE_Cem Karabal
arzu gürkan
Bahcesehir University_Head of AI Eng. Dept. Fatih Kahraman
gürkan soykan

Cem Karabal

Project Coordinator 

Enve Energy

Arzu Gürkan

Administrative Manager

Enve Energy

Fatih Kahraman

Head of AI Eng. Dept.

Bahcesehir Universty

Gürkan Soykan

Assist. Prof.         

Bahcesehir Universty

The VerifAI Project has received approval and support through the 2022 Turkey-Spain joint call under the Eureka Network, with funding provided by agencies TUBITAK and CDTI.